K-9 Ziva 

6 years old.  Belgian Malinois

Ziva began Police K-9 work as a pup.  However, Cancer caused her hind leg to be amputated 2 yrs ago.  After her handler passed away, she found herself at Public Saftey Dogs Inc. I fell in love with her and decided to make her part of my team.

​Ziva is currently the Team Nanny. (o:

                             EPIC ANIMAL RECOVERY


 Michelle Wilson

Founder of Epic Animal Recovery

                   K-9 Partner                                 Pet First Aid Cert.              First Aid/CPR Cert.

I specialize in Recovery techniques that include tracking, trailing, trapping and many other techniques that are unique to your situation.

Team Epic

    Place signs in high traffic areas.  Be Smart. Do not put these where it might cause traffic issues.  Examples: Parking lot exits (where people have to stop), intersections, schools, churches, malls, restaurants, gas stations etc.  These are perfect places for posters.

  First 48 Hours

K-9 Seeker 

3 year old.  Dutch Shepherd 

 Seeker's story is one of a typical backyard breeder.   A story I could not turn my back on.  And now she is truly earning her stripes!!  She has the work ethic and the nose!!

Good nose girl!

K-9 Epic

6 years old.  Black Lab/ Beagle Mix

Search K-9

      Don't let her size fool you!      She means business!

Epic is the reason for EPIC Animal Recovery.  She has a gifted nose and loves to work!


                                                KEEP FLYERS  and POSTERS SIMPLE! 

                                                  FOR FLYERS:

                                                                        Full Body Color Photo

                                                                        Make Telephone # HUGE!

                                                                        Gallon ZipLoc bags work BEST to protect flyers!!

                                                                         (insert with the opening at the bottom)  then Zip Close.

                                                                       150-200 Flyers will get you started.

                                                                     Neon poster board will make your flyer POP!


                                                      FOR POSTERS:

​                                                                    Get BRIGHT COLOREDPOSTERBOARD.

​                                                                     Attach the Flyer that You Created to the Poster.

                                                                   Get 2.5 gallon ZipLoc to cover entire sign.

​                                                                     Yard Sale Sign Stakes work great.

                                                                  Use Tape for Mounting/Displaying Posters ​ 

                                                                  Laminating 11x17 Posters is

                                                                         Great if  your Budget Permits​       

Obviously, the sooner you get E.A.R. involved, the better.  However.....          * Ask friends and family for help!!  
Get a team to create flyers and get them printed while the Pet's favorite human gets out and looks for the lost Pet.   
Flyer & Poster examples are below. 
Get POSTERS out immediately!!  Do not focus on hitting every house with a flyer.  Focus on getting POSTERS out in high traffic areas.  Stop signs, intersections etc.  When you get a sighting then you should focus more on specific areas w/ flyers.  But have flyers handy to give out to people you speak with along the way. Get someone else to work Social Media!! (FB & CL & NextDoor etc) This is a powerful tool!  Contact Animal Control in ALL immediate surrounding counties.  Be sure to visit your local AC in person as often as possible.  Contact every Veterinary office w/in a 15 mile radius.  Also contact the D.O.T. and any shelters, Humane Societies etc in your area.

* When you go Searching ....  Make sure you take a leash, stinky treats and flyers
Example:  DOG TREATS:  Hot dogs, hot fried / rotisserie chicken or bologna work great! 
CATS:  Have a carrier close by and take tuna or sardines or again anything stinky that you have on hand.  Wet cat food works great as well.

* Please be aware of dangers surrounding where your pet might be.  Do not call your dog if you are close to a busy road.  

 Remain aware of your surroundings and how that might impact your Pet's response. 

* When you get your Pet home, please get him/her to a Veterinarian immediately.  They might look fine, but often times they have picked up an

internal parasite or might even be dehydrated, among other things. 

Lastly  >>  Remain POSITIVE and DILIGENT!!